Merry Christmas 2015 from The Healing Joint

Merry Christmas  2015 from “The healing joint”
The time is NOW… cultivate your power by remaining in the ZONE…….
You’re appreciated and welcome here at ‘The healing Joint” where  Dr Derakhshani and his team of licensed massage therapists are dedicated to you getting into the zone..
Think of how this would improve your decision making. When you are unsure how often you ought to schedule a treatment  remember this and allow the community here at the Healing Joint to unite with you ‘in the zone’.
Come and visit regularly and effectively make a change from stressed out to inner peace and calm.
To remain in the zone takes skill . It takes only milliseconds for sensory information from your foot to reach your brain and for your brain to respond by making adjustments in your gait to protect bones and joints all the way up your body and to maximize the efficiency of your movement.
Muscles have memory. Cultivate good memories so it becomes easier for you to relax.
Nerves act as a network communicating important information.
The more than 2,000 nerves in the feet assist with walking and they relay information to the brain about the position of joints to help you maintain balance.
Progressive relaxation is a way of releasing tension in muscles.The results are well worth any effort, as a calm and relaxed body are less prone to health issues than an agitated body and mind.
Stay tuned in weekly for  up and coming events and useful support to help maintain your inner balance and calm more consistently.

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