Jae Chang

Dr. Jae K.Chang is a licensed Chiropractic Physician. He is originally from Chicago, IL and graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Economics. He received his doctorate degree from the National University of Health and Sciences. After graduation, Dr.Chang completed his associateship training at Wong Family Chiropractic in Honlulu, Hawaii. The Chiropractic clinic was one of the largest clinic in the country and Dr.Chang helped manage over 1000 patients in a week. During his training, Dr.Chang learned about how to provide numerous treatments including chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition to a large body of patients.

After his associateship, Dr.Chang went on to start his own Chiropractic clinic in Hawaii and he launched and built a successful practice for the next 4 years.

Dr.Chang’s interest in new latest hi-tech non-invasive treatments led him to discover the use of laser and spinal decompression technology in treating severe chronic spinal conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spinal degenerative disease, neuropathy, etc. He completed his internship training at Non-Surgical Spine Care Center in Orange County, California. The clinic was one of the largest spinal decompression clinics in the country.

When he moved to Seattle in 2007, Dr.Chang opened up a new Non-Surgical Spine Care Center Norwest Division. At Non-Surgical Spine Care Center, a group of doctors highly trained and skilled at providing safe and effective non-surgical treatment option to patients who experiences serious, chronic neck and back pain through new revolutionary FDA cleared spinal decompression technology.

Dr.Chang is certified in Deep Tissue Class IV laser therapy through American Medical Laser Association and also certified in spinal decompression therapy through Kennedy Spinal Decompression Therapy Association.  His practice philosophy and goal is to help patient avoid spinal surgery and help them regain health and enjoy living a pain-free life.

Dr.Chang also has been incorporating nutrition and weight management in his practices. Since 2014, Dr.Chang has been helping hundreds of patients lose weight all naturally and rapidly utilizing doctor supervised weight loss/management program called Chirothin Weight loss program without using medications, shots, or any processed food. On average, patients were able to lose 20 to 35 lb in just 6 week without any side effects! Moreover, the patients who lost weights initially were able to keep them off for long time via establishing a new set point. Dr.Chang likes to practice what he preaches so he himself lost 12 lb in just 2 weeks to not just lose weight but control his hypertension and were able to maintain the same weight for nearly three years now. Therefore, when he moved to Arizona recently, he was very excited to offer Chirothin Weight loss program to those patients who wanted to transform their health dramatically and naturally!  

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