Massage Club

Massage Club

Become a member of our massage club and enjoy 90 minutes of services and other benefits Starting for only $49 per month. Sign up with us for a 6 month membership and receive:

  • One 60 Min massage
  • Two 15 Min Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair Sessions
  • We also give one complimentary chiropractic consultation with Dr Derakhshani in your first month and can do a complimentary Insurance benefits check
  • Buy a loved one a massage or gift certificate at the reduced member rate, or gift them your massage for the month
  • Come for a second or third massage in the month and pay only $40 for Swedish, and $50 for Deep Tissue (60 Min massages)
  • Add an extra thirty minutes to any 60 Min Swedish massage for only 20$ (Deep Tissue 25$)
  • Need a chiropractic treatment? Pay only $40 (normally $45-$60) for a session with Dr Derakhshani (we can do a complimentary insurance benefits check to save you even more money if possible)
  • Get 20% off of Massage Add-On’s: Targeted Muscle Therapy or Sugar Scrub Therapy

The options for our massage club are as follows:

  • One 60 Min Swedish Massages 49$
  • One 60 Min Deep Tissue Massages $55
  • One 90 Min Swedish  Massage $65
  • One 90 Min Deep Tissue Massages $75
  • Two 60 Min Swedish Massages $80
  • Two 60 Min Deep Tissue Massages $100
  • Two 90 Min Swedish Massages $120
  • Two 90 Min Deep Tissue Massages $140

Premium Membership: One 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage + one chiropractic or acupuncture session – $99/mo

We do not charge an Initiation fee but if you decide to cancel your membership early, we ask for a $30 early termination fee

Give us a call at 480-214-4970 or Email us at info@thehealingjoint.com if you have any questions or would like to join our Massage Club!

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