Massage Therapy

All this awesomeness could be yours to experience.

Every massage session is customized to your needs.  Have sore neck and shoulders but want some stretching in your hips and legs? You got it! Only want your scalp, hands, and feet worked on? No problem! Our experienced therapists will discuss your needs  and check in during the massage  to make sure you leave the table completely satisfied.

Sports Therapy

Whether you are training or need to cool down from a marathon. Our therapists will knead and stimulate your or stretch and relax your body.


Using light to medium pressure. This modality is all about relaxation. Long strokes toward the heart stimulate circulation leaving you feeling refreshed.

Deep Tissue

Slow, Medium to Deep pressure penetrates the multiple layers of connective tissue to promote full range of motion and elasticity.

Chair Massage

Need some pain relief but short on time? Try this fully clothed modality that is best for upper body work.


First Trimester. Second Trimester. Third Trimester. We got you covered. Let our expert therapists melt away those aches and pains, so you can enjoy this wonderful journey.


Reiki treats the whole person - body, emotions, mind and spirit - allowing for relaxation and the sense of peace, security, and well being.