Alternative Healing Medicine

Allograft Injections for Pain

There are many different types of Alternative Medicine that has been gaining attention and for the right reasons. This field of medicine utilizing allograft (cells from another person) to help stimulate your own body’s healing ability. Utilizing Cells Derived Tissue and Exosomes, we jump start your body’s healing process.

This is a process that involves a consultation, possible imaging and discussing with our patients about expectations. Sometimes it takes multiple treatments to help you heal and we want to make that clear to our patients.

If allograft treatment does not fit into your treatment, we can draw your own blood and harvest the growth factors to help stimulate your  own body’s natural healing process. First we draw your blood then process it and collect the growth factors located in the plasma. We then inject that back into your injury to help signal your body that this area needs extra attention. This will signal growth factors and your body to send more blood flow and nutrients to assist in healing. For best results it might take 2-3 injections to help heal your injury and not all injuries are a good candidate for this. This is a great treatment for tendonitis, small tears in ligaments or tendons and muscle tears. We see a lot of people with knee, shoulder and elbow pain. Their injuries occurred a long time ago, but their body is having trouble completing the healing process.