Weight Loss

With years of experience we will combine medication with motivational interviewing to help you overcome barriers to your weight loss. Our weight loss program includes blood work, medication and office visits. We offer two different medications to help with weight loss. One is a medication which has been used for many years to help decrease your appetite. It is a stimulant and you will need to have an EKG prior to getting the medication and can only be on it for 2 months at a time. The other option is a custom medication we worked with a Custom Medico Pharmacy here in Scottsdale to develop. It combines vitamins, minerals and a medication to help decrease your reward of eating food.

Schedule a visit to see how we can help you on your journey to weight loss. Insurance will cover blood work, but our weight loss program is a cash based program. The program is $399 for 2 months and does include 2 months of medication, weekly office visits, lab work and Vitamin B or Fat Shots to help give you energy and burn those calories! Or if you want to do month by month, it is $215 and does include medication, a weekly office and vitamin injections. We also will order and discuss lab work prior to your weight loss program starting to establish a baseline and make sure you are healthy enough for medication.