Your happy place is only a deep breath away.

Experience a  Private or Semi-private yoga session where our therapist will work with your specific needs to improve flexibility, find your center, or improve your focus.

Our Favorite Styles


A meditative and relaxing style of deep tissue stretching, targeting joints, deep fascia, and the meridian system of chi (energy).


Fully restore body, heart, and mind, with long held, supported poses designed to release deep layers of physical and emotional


An active and invigorating style, where poses are fluidly linked together with breath. Builds strength, flexibility, focus, and endurance.

Astanga Vinyasa

A set sequence of active poses added as the practitioner progresses. Ideal for those looking to develop a home practice that builds strength, flexibility, focus, and endurance.

Guided Meditation & Breath Work

Learn various styles and techniques to build a custom meditation practice you can stick with.

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