Acupuncture and Injury treatment

I have been treating patients with acupuncture for a few years now. I actually love treating patients with acupuncture. It is such a powerful treatment modality, and at times seems like magic. When treating musculo-skeletal ( pulled muscles, chronic back and neck pain, tendinitis, joint and disc inflammation etc) injuries I find that the injured soft tissue ( muscle, tendon, ligaments, fascia) respond so much faster than when treated with other methods. The fact that Acupuncture works so well is due to a few different reasons. Simply putting it when the needle is applied to the area and then removed, it leaves a small injury sight of its own that the body will quickly try to repair. The new very minimal bleeding brings fresh blood, and white blood cells in and remove the dead blood cells and stale inflammation of the original injury. Second the needle (made out of metal) causes a small electrical discharge between the nerve center of the muscle and the nerves that cause it to tighten and remain tight. When applied and in addition to other modalities like chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue modalities, electrical stimulation, ice, heat and corrective exercises and stretches the patient recovers much faster. Patients that continue to remain vigilant with their exercises and changes in postural habits stay pain free much longer (hint hint). So do your exercises and don’t be afraid of the those needles.